LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Say what?
fortune cookie

~~ Years ago, I stopped seeing a dentist I really liked once she ceased accepting our dental insurance. “I don’t need to employ someone just to take care of insurance,” she semi-boasted. “I make lots more money and don’t have to wait for it.” Last week I saw her brother and asked after her. “She’s having it tough,” he said. “It’s hard to keep patients. They come in via Groupons; she makes very little money from those. Then the patients move on to another dentist offering a coupon.”

~~ I officially closed my last lawyer-file yesterday. Letters written, escrow disbursed, yearlong “Undertaking” headache gone. To quote Speedy, “Oh, what a relief it is.”

~~ The appointment card a practitioner gave me says, in bold print across the bottom, KINDLY CANCEL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF APPOINTMENT. Is that a request for courtesy or a demand to abandon my reserved date and time?

~~ There’s a fine line between thinking you’re on schedule and discovering you’ve got dog poop all over the bottom of your shoe. A very, very fine line.

~~ Readers know that I’ve had a really tough go of it over the past eight years. I’m not saying the woods are behind me yet, but I was able to buy a new pair of quality jeans before my current pair (circa 2008) ripped or wore out. How’s that for a leading economic indicator?

~~ A random question:  Does anyone still use the weather report printed in the NY Times? (Did anyone ever?)

~~I overheard two women chatting. One said, “I hate this time of year. There’s all that leaf raking, followed by the snow shoveling.” The other said, “I don’t rake or shovel. I trust the Lord to clear the paths.” I’d hate to be her insurance carrier — I’ll bet she has amassed lots of slip and fall lawsuits against her over the years.

~~ Are you defending torture because you believe liberals oppose it? Then go sit by Dick Cheney. I prefer my government not pay sadists $80 million to get their jollies.

Have a terrific weekend! Yes, I am still rooting for one occasionally-better-than-average team and two frightfully awful teams. I’ve tried to quit... maybe I need an intervention.
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