LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I overheard a guy saying into his cellphone, “Well, that puts everything into perspective. file0001479351220      How can I stay pissed if you were high as a kite?”

~~ They say everything happens for a reason. So what reason do you think the universe had for a container of roasted chickpeas jumping out of my refrigerator and spilling onto the floor, and then after I’d picked the roly-poly little guys up, splitting the garbage bag open so that I had to pick them up a second time?

~~ I like this woman, I really do. Nevertheless, every time I open my mouth and start talking lately, she interrupts me and states her opinion-as-fact. She’s a non-lawyer who knows all about the law, bless her heart. They must be covering more legal courses in colleges than in law schools, and I just didn’t get the memo.

~~ Were you a fan of Car Talk on NPR? I was! I came across this charming little interview after Tom Magliozzi passed away this week: Goodbye, Tom, and thanks for the laughs.
~~ I know I should talk about the elections, but someone will accuse me of sour grapes, and little happened that was unexpected, anyway. People say they support sensible gun control, but then elect NRA-friendly candidates. People say they are for everyone being paid living wages, then elect Walmart-friendly candidates. People say they think women are equal, then elect misogynists. People say they know what’s going on, then tell NPR the reason they voted for the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is “because Obama screwed up Ebola and Benghazi.” People in one of the poorest states will reelect a man who’s made a fortune off his job while ensuring their standard of living remains as low as it can be. And people say they are furious with the members of Congress who did nothing but obstruct government for six years, yet went to the voting booths and rewarded them with the power to regulate wombs and paychecks and deregulate firearms and corporate earnings.

~~ Then there’s the woman I heard confiding to a co-worker, “I never vote; I leave it to the people who really know what’s going on.”
scream-cartoon-painting She might want to rethink her opinion of the electorate.
Have a wonderful weekend.
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