LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ When she heard that Ebola in humans is likely to have originated from the consumption of bat meat, the woman wrinkled her nose and said, “Eww. How disgusting. People should stick to extremely safe meats like beef.” Readers, it took a lot for me not to utter the words “Mad Cow” in response.

~~ An acquaintance canceled her midweek getaway with her husband because of the rainy forecast. rain “We’ve been married 35 years,” she said. “I want to get out and do things, not stay inside. I mean, how many times can you screw?” It took zero effort on my part to say nothing in response.

~~ I got plenty of positive feedback about my recent Huffington Post piece on attending a reunion.  It seems that so many people can relate. However, it’s interesting that none of my friends who attended that same reunion reacted in any way. I emailed them the posting, and … silence.  You’d think that I had exposed someone else’s dirty laundry, when all that I did was share how I’d dealt with my foible. never mind

~~ Speaking of dirty laundry, after almost two months, we now have a washing machine again! I know it’s a self-absorbed first-world problem, but it literally stinks to be without a washer. Especially if you live with dogs.

~~ I love baseball during these bitter autumn days. While having the Mets in it would be ideal, I do appreciate watching a Yankees- and Cardinals-free World Series. It’s great to have a team to root for, rather than just rooting against one side (or both). Apparently I'm in the minority, as today's NY Times is reporting more people watched The Big Bang Theory than baseball.

~~ Are you planning to vote in the November elections? If not, you are telling all the winners that barely anyone cares about what they do. If you’re passionate about a candidate, get out there and support the slate. If you’re passive, take the time to head to the polls and cast a vote for vigilance and awareness.  If I’m preaching to the choir, see you on Election Day!

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Have a wonderful weekend.
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