LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Your Mother Should Know

He called to set up a real estate consultation, and then asked me for a favor. Would I try to talk his fiancée out of buying a house right away? “Let her know we should wait a few years before we buy,” he demanded.

I explained that the point of a consultation was for them to interview me, to see if I was a good fit to be their attorney, and/or for me to explain the process and costs of the real estate transaction. I wasn’t in the habit of discouraging suitable candidates, and certainly there was no hard and fast rule about waiting to buy. 

“I know, I get it,” he said. “But she wants to buy, and I don’t. If you say it’s too soon, maybe she’ll be willing to wait, and won’t be mad at me for bursting her bubble.”

I wondered if this wasn’t a topic a couple embarking on matrimony should discuss with each other, sharing their true feelings? You know, instead of looking for a lawyer to dampen the one-sided plan?

“Ha! You sound just like my mother,” he said.

He made an appointment but canceled it the day before we were to meet. I wonder how the marriage is faring.
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