LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ It took every ounce of civility I possess to not yell at the man across the room who was telling a nodding companion, “You can’t convince me that Obama didn’t know Ebola was coming; he’s from Africa, you know.”

~~ There’s this:

~~ I don’t know a single person in Hong Kong, but I am pulling for everyone in the Umbrella Revolution.
~~ The woman was always exceedingly curt and grumpy whenever I saw her, so I avoided her. The other day, she sought me out to say “Good morning.” When I advised her that I was surprised to be engaged by her, considering her past behavior, she apologized. “I’m often in a lot of pain and don’t suppress it well.” She then offered me a compliment and a conversational nicety. The encounter led me to reflect on some of my other adverse judgments and aversions, although it’s rare to actually get the opportunity to revisit a situation to determine if second impressions are more accurate than first.

~~ I overheard a mom say to her child, “Kids don’t get privileges until they’re six years old, so stop asking.”
file000477941231I don’t know whether it’s more intriguing to speculate as to what those privileges might be… or bitch that I never knew about that rule.

~~ I have been seeing a doctor for a series of visits (nothing’s wrong with me, but as a close family member had an issue, I wanted to be sure that I was not similarly affected). Last week, I was running a bit behind and didn’t have time to stop home for a book or my knitting. I arrived at the doctor’s three minutes before my scheduled appointment, found that there was no parking, went to another building’s lot a quarter-mile away, hi-tailed it to my doctor, then sat for one hour in the waiting room, listening to the inane blatherings of some TV judge and reading a 2013 InStyle magazine. This week, I arrived 15 minutes early with knit bag in hand, found a parking spot right away, and saw the doctor within five minutes! (That judge? He asked two people whether they’d stay married if she hadn’t become pregnant, and when neither had a definitive answer, declared that they “both needed to try harder to impress me.” I coughed and tuned the show out again.)

~~ The freelance writer wanted to pitch me an environmental story. I was on the fence about his writing sample, so I googled a bit to see if I could find more of his writing. I sure did! Per his tweets, he’s pro-plastic bags, pro-fracking, and vehemently in denial about global climate change. And he wrote a Letter to the Editor last year bemoaning a ban on smoking at the beach. Adiós, dude. Maybe the Tea Party has an environmental column you can write?

~~ October 2014 cover The October issue of Boating Times Long Island is out. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Have an easy fast if you’re observing Yom Kippur. In any case, have a wonderful weekend!
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