LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Wednesday

(I’m offline Thursday and Friday, so salad is on the menu today.)

~~ The grandma was lovingly describing her granddaughter’s maturity. She was, after all, “nearly 11.” Doesn’t nearly 11 sound like a wonderful age?

~~ My husband spotted this license plate in a parking lot. I love it!
mets car in lot

~~ Yes, I am still without a washing machine (and if I ever recommended the Whirlpool Duet to you, I apologize, as that company is neither consumer nor earth friendly). So I am sitting at my desk yesterday when I became bothered by what I perceive as my own less-than-pleasant aroma. Then I grow distraught, bemoaning the lack of clean clothes. This is ridiculous, I think, as I cry about the stink. Needing to clear my head — and my nostrils — I take a bit of a walk. As is his habit, my littlest pooch got underfoot; I bent down to apologize for almost stepping on him. Dear Mother of All That Reeks, the dog smelled putrid! He’d been rolling around in something malodorous outside, and needed a bath, STAT. There’s a moral here, I guess: Check your surroundings before concluding you’re the something smelly in the room.

~~ A reader emailed me to say that my clients “all sounded like PITAs and POSs.” I assure you, the majority were the nicest people in the world. In fact, they are the only thing I miss about practicing law. However, I don’t write about the great clients, because I can’t imagine anyone would regularly visit this blog to catch up on pleasant interactions with delightful people.

~~ Not five minutes after saying she’d been “under the weather,” the woman was dispensing advice on keeping well during the change-of-season. Seriously?

~~ Saturday is Hug-A-Vegan Day. No offense, but how about we skip the hug and you go meatless that day instead?

~~ It’s autumn and it’s Rosh Hashanah. apples Rosh HashanahOne arrival marks the end of my favorite season, the other kicks off a brand new year. In a way, it’s preferable to pray for a long, healthy, prosperous life over a return to flip-flop weather, so that’s what I’m wishing for you and yours, and me and mine.

Have a wonderful holiday if you’re observing, and enjoy the weekend. This is the last time I can root for the Mets in 2014, which is a good and bad thing.*
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