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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The slogan was, “Our competition doesn’t even come close.” Then how are they your competition?

~~ I haven’t had a washing machine in three weeks. I know where you go when you go to Funkytown!

~~ The teams in the NFL want to “do what’s right.” Do you need to have press conferences to assure us of your intentions?  When it comes to right, how about being proactive on social issues, rather than reactive? If you want to drape yourself in the flag and declare yourself America’s favorite sport, how about showing us you want to be leaders in diminishing violence? Oh, right, this is the same league where the Commish sat before Congress and denied that there’s any proven correlation between head-shattering violence and concussions.

~~ Or maybe the NFL will just admit that it’s not a wholesome family sport that deserves a modicum of public confidence. _DSC6701 It should just declare that it’s an entertainment alternative to wrestling or some survival show, and move on.

~~ Damn, there was serious negativity in Scotland promoting a No vote — a vote against independence. And there was all that promising by the British government that didn’t arise until a Yes vote seemed at least likely. That’s like the car salesperson who tells you it’s the best that he/she can do, then after you’ve walked, calls to sweeten the deal. Why didn’t you give me your best deal first? Moreover, are you giving me your best deal now?

~~ I guess I digressed. I was following the independence voting for two reasons (besides the free determination reason, of course). download First, I love listening to Scottish accents, and second, I thought it might entice some of our red states to give breaking away a go.

~~ There’s something so enticing about peacefulness and mindful relaxation. Yet they remain so elusive. I thought I came close the other day when I found an online video that promised both in 18 minutes. I sat comfortably on the floor and closed my eyes. Almost immediately, one dog nudged me until I placed a hand on his back, and then the other walked across my thigh and dropped right into my lap. OK, OK, I am corralling outside thoughts and concentrating on the sound of the waves… until my son inquired as to whether he could eat the hummus that was in the refrigerator. The refrigerator from which he ate food every single day. Maybe the universe and I will never be as one, or maybe I should consider myself very lucky to have all three of these peacefulness-interuptors around?

~~ My friend Alice shared this video from Prince Ea, and I found myself nodding forlornly. Then I was energized. I hope you’ll feel the same way:

Perhaps that's not the right note to end with, but have a wonderful weekend!



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