LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Do John McCain and Peter King stand FOR anything?

~~ I agree with NOW:  Roger Goddell and the NFL didn’t change the rule and fire Ray Rice because of the events shown in the tape. They did so because we saw the tape. The NFL is a brand like Philip Morris’s Marlboro is a brand. They both know that protecting the brand promotes profits; who cares about the human damage?

~~ Governor Andrew Cuomo refuses to hear Tuesday’s wake-up call, or acknowledge it publicly.  I voted for Zephyr Teachout because he dismantled his ethics commission, won’t speak definitely about fracking, and refused to debate his opponent. Yet here’s what he said to the NY Times about the voters who racked up 35% of the vote for Ms. Teachout:

He said the voters who opposed him were not doing so out of unhappiness with his economic centrism or his broader philosophy. Rather, he said they wanted something from him — for instance, a more favorable contract, in the case of a union of state workers that endorsed Ms. Teachout.

“Don’t call them Democrats or liberals,” the governor said. “This is not about an ideology. It’s about a transaction.”

~~Yo, Governor! I am as liberal as they come, and my ideology is almost always what motivates me. My vote’s not transactional. It’s a heartfelt statement, and I wish you’d hear it.

~~ In the past two weeks, our lawnmower died and then our washing machine expired. I know why: I’d just confessed to a friend how happy I was that we were finished paying for our daughter’s wedding. The universe was listening in, and said, “Really? You’re happy without extra expenses? ZAP!”   lightning My clean clothes' situation is pretty dire, universe. You couldn’t have slapped me with something less wallet-devastating and sweat accruing?

~~ Overheard:  “So I told her, ‘You need to quit drinking. Your drunk-texts are so embarrassing.’”

~~ The guy’s tee shirt said, ß I’m With Stupid, but he was walking down the street alone.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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