LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Back to School Blues

My glib remark last week about being unconcerned with the start of school brought this note from a colleague-friend:

Whoa! You don’t get off that easy. You at least have to listen to my rant: 

I had clients who had to, had to, had to get their kids enrolled in school by August 29. No ifs, ands, etc.  To accommodate them, I turned down an opportunity to go to Lake George for a very long weekend with my new-ish boyfriend so I would have the last few business days of August available to close their deal.

But their bank wasn’t ready to close every time I called, and it was getting late in the month. Finally, I sent the buyers a CYA email that laid out for them how their bank was going to screw them out of an August closing, and how they should make temporary arrangements for school. Know what I got in response? Oh, sorry. We should have told you we need another document for the bank but our accountant is on vacation until September 5.

Once again, it’s clients 1, me nothing.
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