LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Wick It, Wick It Good

Longtime readers know that I often change genders or identifying traits of the characters in my blog posts, or write the story and let it marinate for a year (often more) to keep someone’s confidence. This story may fit a couple of the criteria.

The attorney sitting across from me had slipped out of the room four times in the first hour of the closing, only saying, “Excuse me a moment” each time. It didn’t seem to bother his client too much, and it certainly wasn’t slowing me down, so I was neither peeved nor even curious.

As the closing wore on, his fifth trip out of the room coincided with a call to nature on my part. He was semi-crouched around his phone at the far side of the waiting area, with his back turned to the bathroom. Before he knew I was there, I heard him say, “Has all the wax set yet? We need to deliver those brownie-scented candles in perfect condition by 6:00 pm today or my mother will go bat-shit.”

You may think I’m telling this story just to illustrate that every profession has its pressures, or to poke a little fun at the lawyer/family candle maker. You’d be wrong — I just wanted to write the words brownie and bat-shit in the same sentence!
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