LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Mistaken Identity

The caller says, “Hi, I’m Amy. My boss, Jim Doe, asked me to call you to check up on the status of the sale of the property on Abc Street.”

Nice to hear from you, Amy, and while I hope Jim is well, I’m not representing him on this or any deal.

“What?” she sounds astonished. “My boss said Call my lawyer and your name is in his card file under Lawyer!”

Listen, Amy. It’s not me you want. I’ve left the field, and gave your predecessor, Katie, three names of colleagues he might choose to represent him.

I listed the three names and heard Amy clicking and clacking a keyboard and spinning what sounded like a Rolodex. My patience wearing thin, I asked, “Are we good here? You’ll call whoever now represents Jim?”

“Oh, here it is! I found Bob Replacement’s name!” says Amy. “His name is actually listed under N, for New lawyer.”

“Great!” I responded with false enthusiasm. “Say hi to Jim, and have fun rearranging his filing system.”

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