LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I am a big fan of Andrew Cuomo’s liberal agenda. I am not onboard with his lack of transparency and refusal to debate an opponent. I’m paying attention to Zephyr Teachout. In case you’re interested, read about her here:
~~ Among others who passed, the world lost two enormous talents this week. I mourn along with everyone else, and I share this quote from Betty Bacall that made me love her just a bit more: Bu4S-ovIUAEpvQk

~~ The item in the store had a tag that read: Reg. $9.99 Sale $59.99. I inquired if perhaps the reduced price was actually $5.99 — if so, ring me up. “You have to pay the price marked,” said the store employee. “I don’t have a manager around to make an exception.”

~~ I told a colleague I wasn’t practicing law at present. “Good,” he said. “Every time you were on the other side, my clients perceived they had a lesser attorney. I kept thinking I’d learn from you how to be more hands-on, but now I don’t have to.” Well, good for you. Stay lazy, my friend.

~~ The philosophical tea bag tag said: Let it come to you. Whoever wrote that hasn’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In!

~~ I am burying the lede here, but what kind of country are we if the police can kill an unarmed teen, hide the name of the slayer, arm themselves in riot gear, advance on protestors, and demand that the media cease-and-desist? If I killed someone, the legal process would kick in and proceed apace. Cops are law enforcers, not lawmakers. Moreover, they are certainly not invading soldiers.BvAGzjbIEAEbupd Let the facts come out in Ferguson; they’ll never bring Mike Brown back to life, but we may see the rejection of an adversarial police department that calls black teens “animals,” arrests reporters, and tear gasses the citizenry whose taxes fund the police.

~~ Buwmr5VIgAAUJV3 Yes!

Have a good weekend!
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