LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

It’s Not Just Money, Honey

She tells me she’s sorry I won’t be representing her, especially as the real estate agent is upsetting her.

What’s up with the agent? “He keeps telling me my house can sell for a max price of $595,000, yet it’s important that I get over $600,000.”

What’s the $5,000 worth to her in the scheme of things, if she can get the house sold faster? By selling sooner, she’ll save quite a bit on property taxes and mortgage interest; by selling for less, she’ll save a few bucks on the real estate commission and state transfer tax.

I say, “I know my advice is so-2011, but I think it still holds true today. If you can sell and move on, do it!”

“That’s logical,” she replies, “but I didn’t say it made financial sense. I said it was important. Not everything is just about money. Sometimes it’s a matter of expectations.”

I wish I’d had the nerve to say that with her attitude, I expected her to be living in the area a lot longer. But all I said was, “Good luck!”
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