LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~  What is it about forms that renders me such a fool? I can pop out 800 words without stress, but give me a form with 23 lines and I’m sure to put my city where the state belongs. Or worse yet, fill in words like “unknown” when I should have referred to the chart that specifies my response to question 17 must be a, b, or c (unknown was c). pen

~~ I went to yoga the other evening and a parade passed by. No, not because I was there, but because well, I have no real clue what was the actual point of the parade. There were a couple of fire trucks and some guys in kilts blowing bagpipes, but I’m getting away from what I wanted to tell you. You see, I had to move my car before the class to a spot off the route, and I didn’t know how the detour could get me home. But did I worry all through the class that I’d get lost, something I’ve done a zillion times before (worry and get lost)? No, I did not. I stayed present and didn’t project, and it was such a liberating experience!

~~ In case you wondered, I didn’t get lost, because my friend Madelyn knew where to go. No worries and no problems. I knew people lived like this, and now I’ve experienced it. Plus, of course, seemingly pointless bagpipes! bagpipe

~~ Did you see how there’s a mathematical equation that proves happiness?
happinessIt starts with low expectations, which seems to fly in the face of almost every commencement speech, career counseling session, and marriage proposal. As a stark realist with pessimism ascendant (yes, I’m that kind of Capricorn) I’m thinking that every positive attitude needs at least a soupçon of gratitude. How can you be grateful for what comes your way if you expected it all from the get-go?

~~ So this establishment is running a coupon for new customers only. As I’d apparently been there once years back (its computer system remembered me though I drew a blank) they wouldn’t honor that price. First of all, the place was obviously not that memorable or excellent, or I’d have returned. And second, their so-literal definition of new (meant to ensure that I didn’t save $5.00) actually meant that they lost a $45.00 sale. If I ran a retail establishment, I’d reward all my customers rather than try to curry favor only with new ones. Because otherwise, I’d turn away someone seeking to spend money in my place, and encourage her to go to a competitor, where she found that the price is $38 for everyone!

~~ If a monkey takes a selfie with a photographer’s camera, how can Wikipedia actually argue with a straight face that the photographer doesn’t own the copyright? (I won’t breach the copyright and share the photo, but you can google monkey selfie and see it in all its adorableness).

~~ You can debate the merits of the conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe all you want, and pass remote judgment on the actions and inactions of those imperiled by disease in Africa, but for goodness sake, people are maimed, dying, and dead. Stop trying to pick fights over here and see what you can do to promote peace and support world health. images

Have a good weekend.
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