LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Slip Up? If Only

The attorney representing the seller was likely about 10 years or so older than I am. The two of us were chatting amiably, reminiscing about the days when we felt we should wear suits to every closing.

I shared how much I detested matchy-matchy suits, welcoming the (late-arriving) realization that my clients hired me for my legal prowess and not my wardrobe. I told her how pleased I was the day I first wore a sweater and slacks to a closing, now saving my suits only for the deals that require power-standoffs.

My colleague had a different take on the whole matter, telling me why she loved wearing trousers in any configuration.

“For years and years, I wore suits that had skirts. Always skirts, never pants,” she said. “I thought somebody would faint or think less of me if I wore pants.

“One day I stood up from the closing table to head to the copy machine and the elastic band in my slip gave way. That slip fell around my ankles. I really wished I could faint at that moment to escape the humiliation.”

I was commiserating with her (though I am grateful to report that I couldn’t relate). What did she do?

“I stepped out of it, stuffed it in my pocket, and never looked back,” she said with a laugh. “I am sure they were all snickering behind my back, but I just pretended it never happened.

“From then on, I exclusively wore suits with pants.”
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