LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday


~~ I was feeling hungry during a very long wait in an office, so I grabbed a chia bar out of my bag. I guess the woman seated across from me was being friendly when she asked, “What kind of snack is that?” I told her, so she asked, “How many calories in a bar?” I didn’t know, so I turned the wrapper around to see that it was 100 calories. “Wooo,” she said, seemingly aghast. “That thing’s too small to be worth 100 calories!” I shrugged, but wished I’d asked her, “Do you say that about a scoop of ice cream, too?”

~~ A friend who’s fed up with the practice of law says she talked to an attorney who was desperate to bail out of the business. It seems she’s completely burnt out after being a lawyer for six-and-a-half-years! I scoffed as my friend nodded her head in agreement. We agreed that if Ms. Toast gets out in under seven years, we’ll be envious, but still highly dubious.

~~ A woman heard me talking about my daughter’s wedding, answering a question about how happy she is now. “Take it from me,” she butted in. “Marriage gets real old, real fast.” I smiled and asked how long she’d been married, and grinned broadly when she said, “Eleven years.” She wondered what was so funny, and I replied that I’ve been married for 35 years and “it feels pretty damn fresh.” She did not smile back at me.

~~ “May I also have change for a $10 bill?” I asked the cashier while he was ringing up my transaction. “Sure. Would you like a $10 bill or two fives?” I told him I’d take the two bills.

~~ The acquaintance expressed admiration for my owning my business. I deflected that regard, informing her that I’d be working about 30 hours between Friday – Sunday morning, and maybe a few more hours Sunday night. “I guess being on the clock isn’t so bad,” she acknowledged, “I’m off from Friday at 4 until Monday at 8 am.”  That’s my fantasy, pedestrian as it is.

~~ I had a lovely chat with a woman who’s been in the same job for 42 years. That’s right — 42 years at the same job. Mind, blown.

Have a good weekend!
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