LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Laying it on Thick

The real estate agent purred, “Well, don’t you look nice today!” Gee, thanks.

A few minutes into the closing, she turned to my clients and whispered, “Your lawyer is so clever.” Gee, thanks again.

Mid-way through the deal, after I’d said something innocuous, she congratulated me, saying, “What a very good point.” Gag.

As the closing wound towards the end, she accepted the commission check from my hand and then laid hers on top of mine. “You’re such a delight and so smart. I hope you’ll send me all your clients so we can work together lots more.”

“If the occasion arises, I’ll think of you,” I replied.

0064420939721_AIf I ever have a client craving blatant blarney and in need of an overdose of sweet-talk, I’ll be sure to give out Mrs. Buttersworth’s number.
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