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Tossed Salad Thursday

~~ Online listing sites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and Craigslist are not only making inroads into real estate brokers’ territory. Now they are apparently causing the 1% to hyperventilate. According to an article in the NY Times on Tuesday, the homeowners in the Hamptons who occupy their homes are swooning over those who rent out their houses for a weekend or a week. IMG_5706 A “local mental health therapist” told the reporter that “one of her patients’ top anxieties these days was the explosion of short-term rentals.” I’m no psychiatrist, but I think the root of their unease is the fact that money can’t buy them everything they want.

~~ Did anybody bother to tell the SCOTUS that Hobby Lobby is all high and mighty about its Christianity requiring it to deny women contraception for any of medically-accepted reason, but has no problem buying cheap shit from China where many of its overworked laborers receive government-paid abortions?

~~ And yes, I know the decision is about more than corporate exercise of religious freedom (though they are, after all, just people like us). I read Justice Ginsburg’s dissent:

~~ I’m walking down the road towards my car after yoga. I make eye contact with a woman lighting up a cigarette as she exits the liquor store near my parking space. She glares at me and asks, “You looking at me?” I didn’t know people said those kind of things in real life.

~~ WOR radio, which used to be an interesting station, booted out the best broadcaster I’ve ever heard, Joan Hamburg. They’ve filled their station with archly conservative haters, which I avoid. But as the Mets are on their airways, I have to listen to their slanted news breaks. The other day, I heard the (vaguely disguised as a) newscaster say, “Grand Central Station has been renamed after JFK's wife." tumblr_mhkeclMdux1qi1raio1_1280What an unfortunate way to trivialize a lifetime of individual achievements.

~~ I wanted to write about the disappointment and pride I felt after the USA men’s soccer team lost on Tuesday. And maybe riff about the way the Mets are making me crazy/sleepy. But there are 11 other things demanding my attention right now, so I’ll share what I’ve already tweeted or retweeted (accusations of laziness are acknowledged but are not appropriate, as it’s my blog, not yours).

Untitled usa
Untitled mets
~~ The latest issue of Boating Times Long Island is online Boater or not, I hope you’ll enjoy our articles and support our advertisers when you can. July  2014 cover

Happy 4th of July! Have a good weekend!
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