LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ One of my little dogs has a bad habit of circling my legs. Bad for him, as it places him in peril, and bad for me, because it puts me in peril. As he circled behind me the other day, I tried to step away and avoid him. I stumbled and struck just about every part of my body on hard, sharp surfaces in my bathroom. I have bruises in places you’d think were impossible to bruise.

~~ To add insult to injury, a swarm of horrible bugs attacked me as I worked. As I was more afraid of potential disease and infection from the bites than I was leery of engaging an exterminator, we called one. He said the area behind my desk was dusty and that dust mites were assailing me. OK, the wires and the crevices on the underside of my work area were likely dusty, so he made sense. Maybe there was a more natural approach, so I researched a bit. I found out that dust mites don’t fly and they don’t bite! This guy should have been a lawyer, because he sure made BS sound convincing.

~~ I emailed someone I’ve known for years that I was tardy in replying to her because I’d fallen and injured myself, and also mentioned my mauling by insects. She ignored both when she replied. Wouldn’t you ask, “How are you?” or something like that? (Yes, it’s petty. But it’s nine characters and a bit of punctuation, file8741251141629 so it wouldn’t have taken much time away from whatever vitally important stuff she has going on.)

~~ I celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary this week. I used to think people who’d been married 25 years were past their prime. Now I think they are extremely vital and hope that they are on target for many more happy years. file5771313069624

~~ The last time I saw my son’s heart was on a fetal monitor before he was born. He needed some tests and I went along. All is well, and I had the privilege to see my son’s heart more than 20 years after that first time. phototake_rm_ultrasound_of_ventricular_hypertrophyIt was a beautiful sight — and what a wonderfully vital sound!

~~Two of my friends sat and knit together for eight years before someone else asked one woman her maiden name. Five minutes later, that woman was engaged in an animated conversation with the other, who’d worked for her father for a decade. It's so true that everybody’s got a story -- we just need to ask the right questions and listen to the answers.

~~ How do you reply to someone who asks a prying question? I’ve deflected many a nosy-Parker with a witty or snippy remark, but this woman just stared and insisted on the details of something I’d just said that I didn’t want to discuss. She’s not my spouse or my parent, so it was none of her business.

~~ Here’s a couple of things I recently read:  One’s an op-ed on rethinking the word foodie. It would make a lot of sense except that its author has completely coopted the word vegan for his own purposes to sell a book. He eats animals, but only after 6:00 pm. Still, he writes well: The other story is about Kim Jong-un’s henchmen terming a parody movie an act of war. This would be funny if it wasn’t so damn scary — the guy’s got more than a nightmare haircut. He has nuclear weapons, remember?

~~ I’ve watched soccer when the men or women play in international competitions for decades, so I am not a complete frontrunner. But I admit to being only an intermittent fan. Partially it’s because I am already up to my eyeballs in teams that don’t win, and partially it’s because a tie or a loss may be as good as a win. We were crazy happy this week with a 2-2 draw and a 1-0 loss! And don’t get me started on stoppage time… in what other sport does the ref say, “The clock’s at 00 (or that’s the 27th out) but let’s allow this play to reach its natural conclusion”? That all being said, I love a sport where I get to stop working and watch at noon on a Thursday!*
*Yes, I returned to work after the game, and wrote until 11:00 pm. What about it?

Enough navel-gazing for one week. Have a good weekend!
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