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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ If you’re a middle-aged sports fan whose family hailed from Europe in the last 100 years, don’t be calling up sports talk radio to defend the name of the Washington football franchise as harmless, fine with everyone I know, PC-gone-too-far, or no different than what they did on that old TV show, F Troop. Just shut up and… well, just shut up.

~~ Speaking of sports fans, I actually chortled with glee when I read this tweet. This Mets’ fan is both freaking funny and fairly typical:
mets tweet
~~ I thought the Green Berets were combat forces only, so when the POTUS said he was deploying them to Iraq as advisers, I was puzzled. However, the Army website says about the Green Berets: The missions Special Forces Soldiers undertake range from counterterrorism missions to unconventional warfare. Special Forces Soldiers may also be deployed to foreign regions to take part in humanitarian efforts. Live and learn. (Though I still think we’re taking sides, laying groundwork, and making more enemies, none of which sits well by me).

~~ I’m hearing the term mission creep uttered this week, and read three pieces about it just yesterday. I cannot think of anything with “creep” in it that would be good, and it certainly isn’t desirable when we’re talking about laying down lives.

~~ A little advice:
babaNo matter how delicious the baba ghanoush, don’t eat it 90 minutes before a workout.

~~ The guy on the commercial touting a strike it rich scheme for flipping houses lists his credential as being the “host of one of the top rated real estate radio shows in the country.” Seriously?

~~ A sure sign that I’m doing quite well in my transition from lawyer to editor: I’ve been writing with a blue pen all week. As all documentation in my county must be executed in black ink, I haven’t used a blue pen in the office in more than 30 years. Freedom comes in many forms, friends.

~~ This is my friend Hela. She turned 89 yesterday, and she parties just as hard as people 1/3rd her age! Hela's 89th birthday

Have a good weekend!



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Jun. 20th, 2014 05:17 pm (UTC)
Washington football
I may be wrong but thought that the Boston Braves and Boston Redskins names were a tribute to the Boston "tea party" participants and their costumes and place in American history.
Jun. 21st, 2014 02:48 am (UTC)
Re: Washington football
I never heard that, but names that may have been acceptable or even intended as tributes don't sit well these days. I believe that if the Washington name hits home painfully for Native Americans, the rest of us should butt out.

Have a great weekend!
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