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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I like to leave early for wherever I need to go. This way, even if the unexpected delays me, I’ll likely arrive close to on time. However, how early should I have left to compensate for a truck in front of me going 15 mph (in a 40 mph zone) on a one-lane road for eight miles?

~~ There’s always a dictionary in my desk drawer. dict When one becomes dog-eared and worn, I replace it. However, as I opened the drawer to check out a word, I realized yesterday was the first time this year I’d consulted it. Had I recently become a more erudite writer? No, but apparently grabbing the dictionary has become too strenuous and inefficient compared to googling.

~~There’s a difference between being AWOL and deserting, and between being a deserter and aiding and abetting the enemy. How about we wait to see how a military court deals with Bowe Bergdahl? If he was my child, I’d want him back. And I’m guessing the POTUS feels the same.

~~Speaking of the POTUS, it appears that I lifted heavier weights than he did this week! Then again, I didn’t have jet lag, attend a G7 meeting, or have to praise the Poles. And the weight of the world isn’t already on my shoulders before I hit the gym.

~~ As I was leaving a yoga class, a woman approaches me on the sidewalk and asks if I know where Juniper Road is located. I say that I don’t, but I suggest that she ask inside the busy salon that’s just behind her. salon“No, no,” she says a bit huffily. “I hate hair-cutters.” OK, then. Stay lost.

~~ Many readers, checking in on my blog since 2006, have been with me since decades of prosperity screeched to a halt under the W-induced lean times. George’s depressing recession lingered; scraping by became a way of life. However, in case you’re still keeping score at home, I am happy to report that my personal economy is on the upswing:  I had enough money to buy eye drops and a pair of flip flops during the same weekend! flip
~~The June issue of Boating Times Long Island is available for your reading enjoyment, whether you’re a boater or a landlubber!
~~ I know all about the first Stanley Cup game. But this isn’t the one-and-done Super Bowl, my friends. You get to lose up to three games, provided you manage to win four.

Enjoy your weekend.



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