LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I promised some political soapboxing today, but I’m vacillating. Why should I get all steamed up about senseless slayings, loopholes in regulations favoring big businesses over citizens, expanding income inequality, and the hypocrisy of windbags clamoring for government to take its hands off donors’ enterprises while gleefully regulating uteruses? Would anyone hear me fulminating about the SCOTUS’ stealthily revising past decisions ever rightward while kicking voters, workers, and civil rights backwards? I’d thunder about the representatives who’d rather undermine than collectively rise up, but frankly, it all feels so useless. I want to rail against dirty water and nasty eavesdropping, question the sanity of citizens who value the right to bear arms over the right to live, and condemn those who cut funds for embassies, military veterans and education, then shamelessly use the issues to fundraise. Though I believe in the power of one, I know it will take the power of many to oppose the fundamentalists who want freedom for all so long as it involves their hidden guns and the broken spirits of fast food workers and teachers.

~~ As the world mourns Maya Angelou, so do I. maya-angelou Her voice thrilled me, her books moved me, and this poem enchanted me:
Mrs. VB
Sure, I’ll sail them
Show me the boat,
If it’ll float,
I’ll sail it.

Yes, I’ll love them.
If they’ve got style,
to make me smile,
I’ll love them.

‘Course I’ll live it.
Just enough breath,
Until my death,
And I’ll live it.

I’m not ashamed to tell it,
I’ve never learned to spell it,
Not Failure.
~~ An acquaintance told me all about her dieting strategy:  “I eat almost nothing for two days, then whatever I want for one day, and then repeat.” I reluctantly questioned whether it worked. “Not so well,” she said. “But that’s because whatever I want to eat is cake.” cake

~~ Never expect fast decisions from a committee of lawyers.

~~ If it’s avoidable, I never leave anything to the last minute. Yet I left finishing this post until after the New York Rangers’ game last night. Untitled Therefore, you’ll have to accept the image of a deliriously happy woman screaming at the top of her lungs rather than a scribe sharing any more words here. Thanks for your understanding.
Enjoy your weekend. I can’t wait until next week!
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