LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

The Cafeteria’s Down the Hall

The attorney rushed into the room and mumbled something about being late. It may actually have been an apology, but who could tell? He was chowing down on a huge hamburger as he flopped down into his seat at the closing table.

“We OK on numbers?” I think he said as he chomped, chomped, chomped away.

I also think he said, “Have the checks been cut?” while he chewed with his mouth fairly wide open.

Shortly thereafter, he chucked some special sauce and lettuce on my closing statement while again attempting to speak. I was a nanosecond away from rebuking him when his client said, “Oh, lord — shut your freaking mouth when you chew!”

He had the decency to apologize again. I think. What I heard was, “Mmmm thwwwrrry.”
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