LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The other day was very humid, and the complaints started flowing. I laughed out loud at the woman who remarked, “I hate humidity. My hair behaves like a two-year-old.”

~~For the record, I’ll take a humid and hot day over a sub-freezing day anytime. You’ll never hear me gripe about a muggy day!

~~ As I am writing a story on enjoyable summer reading, I asked people a simple question: “Read any good books lately?” PA281186The answers from most were, “Yes: ______________,” while the answer from one chattily included the spoiler to a book I had greedily hoarded, awaiting a time I could luxuriate in the story. The point of me telling you my saga is two-fold:  1. Don’t wait for tomorrow to enjoy something today, and 2) Stop asking questions unless you’re prepared for the answers.

~~ Since writing my “Optional Obligations” piece for the Huffington Post, I had to cancel, rearrange, and wiggle out of a couple more things. I also received a text that said, Forgot what we agreed to, i guess. Lets revisit sometime soon. xoxoxo I am not loving the tentative nature of things, so I will start with changing my behavior where I can. Keep it to yourself, life. I’ve made plans I intend to keep!

In case you missed it:

~~ Woman on the cellphone: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I told him so, but you know what a whiny-ass baby his mother raised.”
file9931276033013 It’s always the mother, isn’t it?

~~ Why do we have separate VA hospitals? How about we cover veterans fully for their specialized medical needs at any friggin’ hospital and/or medical practice, and let them seek treatment whenever and wherever they need it? It stands to reason that if you have limited facilities, you’ll have longer waiting times. Investigate and prosecute the despicable cover-ups, feds, but immediately adopt a new reality: veterans deserve to be first in line everywhere.

~~ The reader who chided me for “continuing to wander away from your soapbox” will be rewarded next week. file4221272823914 There’s tons of political BS and economic crap infuriating me. I’ll be happy to vent with abandon, so check in or stay away, at your pleasure.

~~ You know how much I love baseball, correct? However, even I am losing my patience with the Mets. A team can be good and occasionally boring, but when it’s mostly bad and almost-constantly boring, why should I devote 20 or so hours to rooting for them every week?

Enjoy your holiday weekend. You may have summer fever, but I’m still focused on the ice!
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