LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Someone who lives beyond an encounter with cancer is termed a survivor, and I celebrate each of them for their spirit and fight. However, a person who succumbs to the malevolence and destructiveness of cancer (or any other disease) is no less a warrior in my book.

~~ My daughter’s friend, age 29, lost her battle with cancer. Maybe someone else won’t if you are able to contribute something in her memory:

~~If you don’t want to support Republicans, don’t buy Wonder Bread.bread (If you care about your body, you won't eat it, either).

~~ Why would someone say he’s been with a company “almost 13 years,’ rather than “more than 12 years”? One sounds grasping, the other sounds solid to me. Or am I splitting hairs?

~~ Do you think it’s a coincidence that my Kindle crapped out on Wednesday night and there was an email from Amazon on Thursday offering me a special price on a Kindle Fire?

~~ Football analysts discussing the draft should start their spiel with, “Hi, I’m _______. Last year I was wrong in 85% of my predictions.”
~~ I learned a new word: “thut.” It’s the space where your thigh meets your butt!

~~ Speaking of words, I need some new words for when I watch hockey. As the Rangers lose another face-off, I say, “Shoot.” As the Penguins score, I grouse, “Shoot!” And when the Rangers pass and pass (before losing possession) I cajole them to “SHOOT!”

~~ How many lawyers does it take to put a phone call on a speaker? I don’t know, because there were only 14 in the room and none of  us succeeded (in our defense, not a single button on the phone said “speaker” or any variation, but still…).

~~This would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic:

Enjoy your weekend! If you can kiss and hug your mom, please do so. If you’re a mom, please accept my best wishes for a wonderful day.

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