LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Scam, Scram

The caller says he’s the brother of a former client, who needs a “paying favor.”

Intrigued, I ask what he means. I almost instantly regret my curiosity, as he’s looking for an attorney who’ll speak at a seminar he’s giving about getting out of debt quickly.

“It’s all legal, I promise.” he says. “You’ll have a script, and you’re just telling people about options.”

Options for what? “Well, you’d be talking about how debt is bad, and getting debt-free is desirable. Then we’d step in and discuss our products.”

I was no longer intrigued, and tried to tell him so, politely. “I’m not practicing law now, and I won’t read someone else’s script.”

“Oh,” he says. “We need someone to follow exactly so thanks anyway.”

I lied… I’m still a teensy bit intrigued. What the hell do you think he wanted me to sell?
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