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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ There’s very busy and too freakin’ busy. I am the latter, as supported by the evidence that I finished the cup of tea I made with yesterday’s breakfast at 9:20 pm. tea bag

~~ If someone calls you a “surgically astute attorney,” that’s a compliment, right?

~~ Ignore the vertical nature of this video, and tell me a) why someone would post it, b) why someone would laugh when it happened, and c) if you agree that it's very funny!

~~ The man passing by me on the street asks, “Did you lose your lunch bag?” brown lunch bagWhen I look at him, he’s not holding anything. Besides, it’s 5:45 pm, so I just shake my head and keep walking. He says, “Your loss!” kind of loudly, so I walk a lot faster in the opposite direction.

~~ I asked someone to meet me to discuss tardiness, but the person didn’t show up. Where the hell do you go from there?

~~ My daughter’s bridesmaids threw her a wedding shower last weekend. You know when you love someone and you hope others feel the same? The graciousness and thoughtfulness shown by these special women was incredibly heartwarming and special.
Hayley's shower by Gina h
Hayley's shower by Gina k
Hayley's shower by Gina s

~~ The newest issue of Boating Times Long Island is available for your reading enjoyment, boater or not:

Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                     
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