LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

A Comedy Tonight!

Readers know that I am passionate about three things (besides my family).  I love animals but rarely write about them here; I love sports but (have been told I) write too much about them here; and I love the theater, using a title or lyric whenever I can as a “headline” for my daily offerings here.  Today the quick …On The Way To The Forum reference is not all you’ll get of the theater (real estate focused readers, please check back Monday).

Last Saturday I saw Gutenberg! The Musical at the Actors’ Playhouse, a theater so off-Broadway there is affordable parking nearby.  I found the show  hysterically funny, and urge anyone who likes off-beat, small productions (i.e. no orchestras, hovering witch bubbles, flying nannies or dropping chandeliers) to see this. I am still laughing days later at the recollection of the many characters created by just two actors and dozens of chapeaux.

Friends and family I told about this show all asked the same questions, so I will answer them for you, also:  no, it is not about Steve Gutenberg; yes, it is about the guy who invented the printing press!  But trust me, it could have been about the man who invented the cotton gin or the woman who discovered radium, as I truly believe the actors, Jeremy Shamos and David Turner, and the authors, Scott Brown and Anthony King, could have turned any seemingly historical but dry turning point in education, industry, or science into a side-splitting musical comedy.

Note to authors:  if you do decide to write about radium, its glowing properties may save on lighting costs in the theater!
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