LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ You know why the practice of law is, at times, ridiculous? I spent 30 minutes talking to an attorney about a Will I did almost a quarter-century ago, for which I was paid $100. There’s no time limit on losing money and very little in the way of curbing liability (except for doing it right, which I did).

~~ Same guy, same conversation:

~~ During a killer power-yoga class, I burst out laughing when I heard the newest song on the teacher’s soundtrack. It was playing, “Killing me softly” and I found it humorous Downward-Facing-Dog-3… until I thought more about it.

~~ There’s this:
~~ I was reading an article on the many breakthroughs in diabetes care that are significantly contributing to the longevity of those with the disease. My mother told me, “If you hang on long enough, they’ll find a cure for it.” Sadly, she couldn’t hang on long enough, but it’s a wonderful thing for those who did.

~~ In chaos theory, the butterfly effect acknowledges how what happens elsewhere affects you and me (I know that’s inelegant, but you didn’t come here for the science). That was so evident this week, as people reneged, refused, regressed, or remained uncommunicative. In response, I jettisoned plans and begged off of obligations, which upset me greatly (and also put more on my shoulders than their wideness can accommodate). dog + balls If you ever plan to flip off or ignore something, remember that when you drop the ball, know that it will roll somewhere. That ball may trip someone, clog up a formerly flowing stream, or be eaten by a dog who may thereafter vomit it back up all over some unsuspecting soul’s shoes.

Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                     
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