LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

I Rhyme with Witch

After embracing a “go with the flow” philosophy since March, I decided to be less passive this week. As a result, I’m sure that more than one person slandered me outside of my earshot. Want some examples?

  • When someone failed to acknowledge and own up to repeated mistakes, I decided not to let it slide (not in the sense of the prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius case, but still all finger-pointy).

  • When someone I’ve paid a ton of money to says I should go ahead and print out the 98 pages he’s scanning for me, I insisted he use his cartridge and paper instead and forward me a hard copy of his work product.

  • When someone told me a document was good to go in March, and then vacillates in April, I invoked a pay-only-for-play clause.

Yes, I’ve been a work bitch. May I have a one-week hall pass, karma?
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