LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ On a particularly stressful, humid, bloat-y day more than a decade ago, I had to have a head shot taken for a directory. I rue showing up that day, as the same photo appears year after painful year. If I hadn’t keep my appointed time with the photographer, I’d just be a clean white space in the annual directory. thenerds_498523 Instead, I’ll continue to resemble a character played by Gilda Radner in perpetuity.

~~ Yesterday, I applauded and bowed to the word mastery of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I thought I’d read every one of her books, but All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin escaped my eyes until this week. all-wound-up-coverWhile she’s a masterful knitter, she doesn’t always write about knitting (who can’t relate to the devastation three little kids can wreak in a house while armed with fully loaded water balloons?). However, in a chapter where she was writing about knitting, she described perfectly the bamboozled feeling knitters have when they start out knitting a little garment and end up with “something closer to elephant lingerie.” Word picture: perfectly painted. Frustration: perfectly captured. Laughing so you won’t cry: she nailed it!

~~ Growing up, my mom had heroes that became mine as well. For example, though I never saw Jackie Robinson play ball, I hold him in high esteem because my mom enthralled me with tales of his grace and spirit. And though my earliest recollections of LBJ include the chants of “Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many boys did you kill today?” I have great regard for him that started when my mother explained his efforts to erase discrimination and poverty. LBJLBJ’s legacy is in the news again and rightly so. But isn’t it sad that no kid today is able to say, “Mom? What’s poverty? What’s discrimination?”

~~On the other hand, my mom totally (initially) misjudged the character of the finest person I know, so you couldn’t always trust her to get things right.

~~ A dream job is open, yet I can’t apply for it! The New York Times is seeking an editorial writer, and I can easily envision myself turning out opinionated and left-leaning (though open-minded) editorials on issues big and small and matters near and far. Maybe I’ll introduce editorials into my magazine, but how the heck would I relate my current disappointment with Gov. Cuomo’s shutting down the ethics panel, for instance, to the boating lifestyle?

Enjoy your weekend! If you’ll be celebrating Passover early next week, let me know if you find the changing over and de-crumbification of your cupboard at all satisfying. I sure don’t.
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