LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

House Offer, STAT!

The client left a message at 7:00 am Monday, seeking advice on how much of an offer to make on a house he’d seen Sunday.

He left another message at 8:00 am, and a third at 8:58 am (“Just wondering why you’re ignoring my calls.”) 

I started returning messages as soon as I got in, placing the ones to late-Friday and weekend callers first. When I got to Mr. Monday Caller about 9:55, he was irate.

“Apparently you don’t think I’m a priority,” he seethed. “I expect you to jump on my calls and return them right away.”

I reminded him that I was a sole practitioner and gently suggested that returning calls one business hour into the week is completely reasonable. I made a quip about waiting even longer than that in a doctor’s office — with an appointment— but he was having none of that.

“I also waited last week for my doctor when I had a double ear infection, but that’s different,” he said. “My ears wouldn’t fall off from that kind of delay. But I could lose a great house if you don’t help me make the best offer.”
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