LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ Happy spring! sunflower flip Though it’s still quite chilly and gray, I feel a tad bit better.

~~ I wondering if I’m angrier over a canceled lunch meeting because it came at the last minute (after I’d skipped a workout and instead did my hair and makeup) or because I was so, so tempted to cancel the lunch the day before. I didn’t because I thought that it would be impolite.

~~ When someone tells you that you’re a jerk, it isn’t a badge of honor, dude. Don’t boast about it in front of others who all agree that it’s quite an accurate assessment.

~~ I used to enjoy the Two Fat Ladies cooking show. They didn’t like vegetarians, but I liked their offbeat British humor. I recently read that one of the ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright, passed away. I am sorry for her family and friends, but blown away by this line in her New York Times obituary: Ms. Dickson Wright grew up in an affluent family, became a lawyer at 21 and an alcoholic not long after.

~~Trying to return a doctor’s call made me think that I was on both the Do Not Fly list and a Most Wanted poster in the lobby of the FBI. I had to give my name and date of birth, and then hold on while the receptionist looked over the call log. “No, I don’t see that she called you,” she says, her voice trailing off as if she was done with me. Frustrated, I said, “OK, let’s pretend she never called me. Am I not allowed to call her?”  “ Perhaps. About what?” she asked. [“About firing her receptionist,” I thought.]

~~ Though I’m nowhere near as savvy as Elizabeth Warren, here’s a consumer tip for you: I’ve spent vast sums on beauty products, and I’m living proof that you should save your money. You’ll age gracefully and richer.

~~ There's this:
beer etc.

Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                     
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