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Tossed Salad Friday

~ A lovely 92-year-old former client called me for a referral to an elder care attorney. “I want to make plans for if I die,” she told me. Not when, but if. That, readers, is the power of positive thinking!

~~Someone on TV made a profound statement: “No is a complete sentence.” Mind, boggled.

~~ You think I take sports seriously? Google the school in India that suspended the students who rooted against the home cricket team.

~~ When I practiced, I always sought to satisfy my clients’ legal wishes. Unless it was illegal or unethical, I’d champion their position (with many a CYA letter that said this isn’t right and/or you’re not being bright). My clients were, after all, my employers. However, in the past week or so, I’ve seen direct challenges by employees that wouldn’t get them anywhere except to show up the boss. What’s up with that? When you work for someone, I believe you trade a paycheck for compliance. Am I out of touch?

~~ In January, I promised a loved one a knit hat. That’s a promise that’s totally in my wheelhouse. Then I had to take a detour to knit a blanket for someone heading to a new home. Blanket done, I started the pattern the hat recipient picked, knit for a while, and then hit a snag. So I took it to my knitting guru, who promptly took it from me and started working on it. “Please,” I begged. “I want to learn how to do that.” She knit on, so I pleaded with her by pointing out “we knit differently and I want the hat to look consistent.” She continued, and when she returned it, there was a mistake. I kept thinking, I should let this go, because she’s 88 and has forgotten more than I’ll ever learn. I reasoned, Just rip it out at home and go back to before the mistake.

At home, I found the loopy nature of the pattern over two rows made it more unravel-y than rip-able (don’t get out your regular dictionaries; I’m speaking Knitterese). All my hard work unraveled into a giant black pile of nothing! I was two inches from completion, and instead, I have nary a stitch to show for all my work. If anyone ever tries to tell you that knitting is relaxing and harmonious — just like meditation— laugh right in his or her smug face. Knitting can kick your ass anytime, anyplace.

~~ I thought I knew something about Florence Nightingale. Turns out, I knew almost nothing about this remarkable woman! Florence_Nightingale_b020487    When you have the time, check out this wonderful article about her:

Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                     
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