LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ You know what I look forward to the most about a truly paperless office? Not having to live with a message book, a calendar, and other vital papers sitting all wrinkly and brownish on the desk for 10 months after getting soaked in February with spilled tea.

~~I love the wittiness that abounds on Twitter every single day. But I have never loved a response to a tweet as much as this one:
Untitled (1160x647)

~~ Speaking of Twitter, I had a good laugh at an earnest tweet to attorneys buried in dead-end jobs: If you want to get unstuck and love the law again, then learning how to create a lifestyle law firm may be just the thing for you.

Does a lifestyle law firm means you’re living your work 24/7? Are you posting photos about your career when you’re not in the office or courthouse? Do you wear tee shirts that say, I’d Rather Be Suing and Keep Calm and File Papers? Is there a retirement home for those who want to continue their law firm lifestyle into their golden years?

~~ Every news discussion of the proposed revamping of food labels generates a comment or two on how “no one” every gets as many serving sizes out of a product as currently stated. Yes, someone does! My husband can take a pint of ice cream (labeled as serving four) and make it last four days. He’s no slave to authority, mind you. He’s just satisfied with a bit. (I cannot relate.)

~~ I read an article relating how to get everything you want. I think that the advice is solid:  .

Taking that article’s advice, thank you very much for stopping by and reading my blog today. Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                                        
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