LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Two Tickets to Paradise

According to the real estate website Trulia, home searches in the country's warmer regions have gone up this winter. Stats show that between December 1 and January 21, every 10-degree drop in temperature correlates with a 4.4% rise in home searches in areas with warmer climates.

This tidbit of info reminded me of a homeowner who called me during an especially harsh winter. She informed me that she and her husband were moments away from leaving for the airport, having “had enough” of snow and cold.

“The house is listed, my father has a key, and we’re moving to Tampa,” said the woman. “Dad has a power of attorney because we are never coming back!”

I knew the couple had kids in college, so I wondered whether she wanted to stretch the closing out until late spring in order for them to get all their stuff out.

“Nope!” she said. “Dad’s putting it all in storage. If my boys want to come back to this frozen wasteland, let them. I also told my father to get out before he dies from the cold, but he won’t leave.”

I told her what I needed and what my services cost. She agreed and wished me luck in snowy New York. I wished her luck in Tampa, and she said, “I don’t need luck anymore. I’m never going to freeze again!”
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