LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Picking the Proper Partner

I know it’s supposed to be a “Tossed Salad Friday,” but how could I not share this story on Valentine’s Day?

My clients sold their house for $950,000 to a woman who didn’t require a mortgage to purchase.  Though it was a quick-ish closing, the people at the table had time to chat while the title closer was making copies.  The buyer’s attorney shared that she was just finalizing her divorce, and was very glad that the prolonged fighting with her ex was over.  “It’s not like we had much that was valuable,” she shared, “but we sure did have a lot to argue about.”

Ms. Cash Buyer sympathetically tsk-tsked, then remarked that she had close to $1 million to spend on the house this day because she had "chosen wisely" when marrying.  Turns out what she meant was that he was very rich (and apparently old or sickly, as the marriage lasted only a few years before she inherited big).  No one asked — but she explained anyway— that her mantra for choosing a mate was that "you can't spend love, but you sure can spend stock dividends."

Have a romantic day and a wonderful weekend!
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