LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~The man shoveling the ice outside a building smiled and nodded as I walked past him. “Sensible shoes you got on there, miss!” he said loudly. Thanks. That’s just the look I was aiming for when I got dressed.

~~ I encountered someone I didn’t think existed. While I don’t think that my discovery was anywhere near Bigfoot territory, I did sit near a very dumb attorney at a seminar. I’ve met stupid attorneys, and asshole attorneys, and lots of other [fill in the pejorative] attorneys. But I’ve never met one who exuded dumb from every pore.

~~ At that seminar, the person who married someone with a reverse mortgage on his or her home was referred to as “an after-acquired spouse.” Who says lawyers aren’t romantics?

~~ I don’t need an explanation of why the Olympics are staged, but I’d sure as hell like to hear some IOC bigwig admit the real reason Russia was awarded the games this time around.

~~ Today’s my parents’ anniversary. Were they still alive, they would have celebrated 61 years, and that’s got me thinking reflecting mourning crying mulling pondering wondering what might have been. Anyway, they were cute, weren’t they? Mom + Dad engagement photo 1952

~~ Thanks for the feedback on my latest Huffington Post, “Yoga Tips for Newbies”: Someday I’ll share how yoga helped me hang onto the shreds of my shattered sanity.

~~ Ralph Kiner passed away. He was one of the men who made up the sports-voices of my youth, but Ralph was very special, as he became the voice of my mature years as well. I’ve listened to Ralph’s stories for 51 years — longer than I’ve been an adult, longer than I’ve known my spouse, longer than I’ve been a parent. He brought me the action, explained the reaction, and made me laugh.  If it’s possible to consider someone a part of your family whom you’ve never met, Ralph Kiner was my favorite uncle.
Enjoy your weekend!                                                                                                    
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