LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

You Can’t Spell “SICK” Without “ICK”

I’m sick and have mostly been out of commission for days. It’s upsetting, because not only do I feel like hell, but I am falling behind on obligations. (In fact, I’m fearful that I will likely fall flat on my face during a presentation this week.) However, my condition does remind me of a story:

The client shows up to sign a contract coughing and sneezing.  “Oh, you should have called to reschedule,” I remark, in what I hope is a consoling tone. “Nah, who cares if I sit home or here?” he says (I do.)

Halfway through my explanation of the contract, he sneezes with ferocity. The droplets that spray forth look like something out of a cartoon, but alas, they are real and are clinging to the papers, to the table, and also to my sweater.

I jump up to grab him some tissues but he waves them off. “Those things are just too flimsy,” he says.

Tissues are fine for the average cold-sufferer; I just had the luck to sit within inches of Mr. King-Kong-Sneezer.
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