LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The Captain & Tennille are divorcing? “Love Will Keep Us Together” was the song the bad played at our wedding for our first dance. If the
C & T earned any royalties from us, I’d like a refund, as I feel totally misled. 

~~ Actual messaging after the State of the Union:
She:  Your boy is a big socialist.
Me:  The man who is President wants to help people at all levels. I guess that is socialist.
She:  Ha! So you admit that food stamps and a higher minimum wage are socialist? Remember we’re a capitalist country.
Me:  What do you care about labels? Don’t you want everyone to eat and earn enough to have a roof over their heads?
She:  Not if they didn’t earn it themselves. That’s the American way!
Me:  We obviously don’t live in the same country.
She:  When will you ever stop dreaming?
Me:  Never. Did you want me to?
She:  Nah. 

~~ Here’s what I tweeted during the SOTU:
Untitled (545x147) (2)

~~ Kung Hei Fat Choi! I’m all for celebrating horses in a way other than the Budweiser commercials (though Sunday’s ad is adorable).
~~ There’s been much written about the life and death of Pete Seeger this week. I have nothing more to add to the remembrances of those that knew him other than that I admired him greatly and was inspired by him in the arenas of politics and the environment. He walked the walk, he talked the talk, and oh, did he sing the songs!

~~ I love outdoor hockey when the New York Rangers win. Hockey fans are the best, too, showing up 50,000 strong to cheer in frigid temperatures. I’m sure that there weren’t many corporate bigwigs hanging out in the stands just to say they were there.  Those were real fans, many of whom know that nothing shows solidarity more than a rousing chorus of POTVIN SUCKS! (Sorry, Pete Seeger. Sometimes it’s Where Have All the Flowers Gone, sometimes it’s, well, you know.)

Enjoy your weekend! I’m picking the Broncos, despite the fact that I’ve never been to Omaha. Who are you picking?                                                                                                                          
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