LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ While on hold for over seven minutes to make an appointment for my annual check-up, my doctor’s office played an audio loop admonishing me again and again to not smoke and to wash my hands frequently. I wonder if this qualifies as billable medical advice.

~~ In my search for a picture to go with the doctor blurb above, I came across this photo:
Shouldn’t going to the doctor be about decreasing and not increasing risk?

~~ The man on the phone had barely acknowledged my “Hello” when he said, “What’s your fee?” I answered that I was not accepting new clients now, so he responded, “Well, what did you charge so I can compare it to others?” That’s not how you engage quality counsel, buddy!

~~ There’s something special about a beautiful, handwritten “thank you” note. Reading this one made me feel as if I received a gift.
Thank you
~~ I enjoyed speaking with a vibrant woman who is 96 years old. She never smoked, drank alcohol, or took medications, has been vegan for 30 years, meditates every day, and teaches a seniors’ yoga class three times a week. She has a wonderful attitude; I complimented her on her outlook and healthy approach. “You know,” she said a bit sadly, “living long and well means you go to lots of funerals. Friends and family all die first.” I thought of her the other day when I read a story of a 62-year-old woman with terminal cancer who was determined to spend her last weeks on Earth enjoying the company of family and friends, and also creating memories for her unborn-grandchildren. She seemed to enjoy herself almost to the very end, wearing a pink boa and recording “Goodnight Moon.” Dying young is a tragedy, but outliving everyone you love seems almost as heartbreaking. Is it better to be lovingly remembered, or to long for all those you’ve loved?

Enjoy your weekend! If you come across the Knicks’ defense, pick it up and roll it back to them, please.

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