LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Don’t Rock the Boat

The buyer was the type who seemed perpetually itching for a fight. He was positive everyone was conspiring against him, and sometimes he seemed to slot me into that category.

I’d reassure him that I was on his side, always watching out and perpetually ready to pounce if someone tried to take advantage of him. Each time he’d detect a seeming slight or perceive a fee to be excessive, I’d discuss it, then soothe him and advise him to “let it go.”

At the closing (which went smoothly and affordably for my client), the seller’s attorney had a bit of an argument with his client over some title fees that counsel said were “customary and usual.” He looked to me to back him up, but while I was working out in my head how to bolster him without coming across as offering his client any advice, my client chimed in.

Wave!“Don’t ask her,” he exclaimed. “She never makes waves.”
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