LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Go, #1 Agent!

Since the year began, I’ve seen three advertisements for area real estate agents that all proudly proclaim the sponsoring agent is “the most trusted name in real estate.” The statement is always in quotes, but the quotes aren’t attributed to anyone.

So if all three are purported to be the most trusted name in all of real estate by anonymous persons, however is a confused consumer supposed to choose?

(I’ve attached one doctored ad, just because it is liberal in its use of quotes; note the seemingly-random marks around “my” and “is.” What I also find very amusing is that she’s the #1 Agent in Company at a company that bears her name! I’m sure she’s a very competent agent, but her ad doesn’t persuade me that she’s an effective marketer.)

Scan0001 (800x753)

Happy birthday, Linda!
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