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Tossed Salad Friday

~~ The woman recounted the Christmas gift she got in her office Secret Santa: “I got a $25 Macy’s gift card. But when I went to use it on a $23.99 purchase, the cashier told me the card had less than a $4.00 balance. Who the hell does an awful thing like that?”

~~ This highly-amusing picture was posted on Twitter by @MensHumor:

~~ There was an awesome Letter to the Editor in yesterday’s NY Times regarding anyone’s “right” to speak hatefully of others. I agree with the writer; if you want to condemn others, you don’t need to shut up, but you damn well better be expecting others to exercise our free-speech right to call you bigots.

~~I don’t recommend anyone injuring anything anywhere, but I especially don’t advise you to cut your thumb. Having a bandaged thumb for the past few days has left me unable to do a heap of heretofore-simple tasks. Opening a zip-type plastic bag, for example, took me three minutes and necessitated a hip against the counter to pull it off.

~~ I’m astounded to be writing this, but my daughter is having a “milestone” birthday on Sunday. She’s an amazing person, and I’m fortunate to have known her for three decades. However, am I allowed to take a pass on acknowledging the passage of time even as my oldest is growing up?
Hayley's 30th birthday party Dec 25 2013

~~ I am on the brink edge bridge when it comes to my sports’ teams. The Jets are eliminated, so I’m rooting for the coach to keep his job, the Knicks are having trouble getting to double-digit wins by the end of the year, and the Rangers are so bland that I found myself turning the channel to watch re-re-re-re-reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond” not once but three times in a four-game period. Nevertheless, I impudently persevere. Because where else could I volunteer for such agony?

Enjoy your weekend!
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