LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Decaf Neighbors

The caller wondered if there were “Any laws prohibiting renting houses to stop investors from buying up the neighborhood?”

Since she didn’t live within an incorporated village, city, condo, co-op, or homeowners association, I told her that renting a house was probably allowed.

Was a neighbor being disruptive, or did it appear as if a house was rented by lots of individuals in violation of zoning laws?

No, she admitted. Many of the homes in her area had been purchased over the past year or so by investors, and she just didn’t like that. She wanted to get to know the owners, not the tenants, but no one seemed interested in sharing coffee with her at the kitchen table. “Tenants aren’t really neighbors,” she explained.
I said that lots of people in rental apartments considered those around them coffee-worthy, and investors were really less neighborly in her sense than the people living in the houses.

As I wouldn’t write a “cease-and-desist” letter for her, she didn't invite me over for a coffee klatch either.

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