LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ I overheard something on the streets of NYC that reinforces why many people dislike attorneys. One man in a seemingly-expensive suit exiting a pricey-looking midtown building says to another equally-attired man, “I think his case is a big loser, but the client is a bigger loser for paying me the entire retainer up front!”

~~ It feels like ages since I’ve seen a musical on Broadway (it has been), so when Newsies tickets were within my reach, I grabbed them. It lived up to its reputation as an uplifting, dance-laden, entertaining show. Newsies_(musical)_poster I thoroughly enjoyed it.

~~ You know the stereotype of the disgruntled parent saying, “These kids today don’t know how easy they have it?” Here’s the Facebook posting of a young man who seems to seriously believe his gripe that parents today don’t know how much easier they had it: “It's really irritating when old people insist that things are as easy as going to college, getting a degree and getting a job when working a menial line job at a plant in the 70s earned you the equivalent of at least $40,000 a year in modern currency, and you could pay off college loans in a month. You could be a homeowner by 22 or earlier.” For what it’s worth, it took me 14 years to pay off my student loan, and I was 27 when I bought a house (we had two incomes and still needed some help). But that was in the 1980s, so I guess things had already started heading south by then.

~~ With all sincere sorrow for my reader who loves the Crimson Tide, that Alabama-Auburn game left me believing that I have truly now seen it all.

~~ I forgot to share that the November-December issue of Boating Times Long Island is out! You’ll like our articles whether you boat or not, and we’ve got some great holiday gift ideas as well.

Enjoy your weekend… and don’t say a word about anything NY (NJ) sports-related that isn’t just an exhortation for these teams to get it together and (consistently) win!
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