LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

The Devil’s in the Dollar

The balance due the sellers after adding the tax adjustment and subtracting the downpayment came out to be an even $666,000.

When I announced that’s what the buyer owed, both she and her attorney gasped.  “Change it by a penny or a dollar, please!” said the buyer. “Add it to the price — whatever; I don’t care about paying more. I just don’t want to have that be what I paid for the house!"

I started to say that she’d actually paid more, because this was just the net amount. Then I realized her fear of diabolical misfortune was not something worth debating. So I shrugged and looked at my grinning client. “Write down that she owes me $665,999,” he directed.

The buyer got up, ran around the table, and kissed my client.

Who knew that you could ever dispel distress for just one dollar?
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