LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

She’s Got High Hopes

The woman wants to sell her house for $800,000, but each of the real estate agents vying for her listing is saying she can only expect to sell for about $575,000.

Quite irate, she calls me to ask why they won’t put the house up for what she wants. “I can be a bit flexible once the offers come in,” she reasons.

I try to explain the futility of her idea, as no one searching in her listed price range wants the house she’s offering in her community. And no one who really wants to buy her house style/school district is searching online in the $800,000 range. However, she’s completely dismissive of my reasons.

“Listen,” she says,” I have a quality house that people will immediately notice. And they’ll realize it’s a bargain at the price I’ll settle for, which will be at least $200,000 more than anyone is trying to get me.”

I wished her luck and recommended she list the home as for sale by owner.
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