LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

You’ve Got to Carry That Weight

The attorney’s email was short and to the point: I had to let my secretary go and I’m too busy to find a new one right now. Please prepare all seller’s transfer documents on my behalf. I’ll owe you one!

Since it was unlikely I’d ever have another deal with this stranger, and I prepare all my own documents no matter how busy I am, I was tempted to tell him to take a flying leap into the nearest lake. However, on the off chance we’d meet again, I took a more discreet approach: I’d suggest you see if the title company will prepare the docs for you at a reasonable fee. Otherwise, it appears unethical for a buyer’s counsel to prepare the paperwork on the seller’s behalf. Neither of us wants that!

I figured he’d either be peeved or reasonable, but his answer caught me by surprise. Then I realized that he’s offloaded his work onto others before; this was a scam, not a request to rescue a colleague in need! How did I know that? Here’s his reply: You really think it’s unethical? No one’s ever answered that way before.
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