LitaWrites (real_lawyer) wrote,

Tossed Salad Friday

~~ What do you think was going through the mind of the driver who hit a (not that close) dividing row of shrubbery as she backed out of a parking spot and then went forward and back, hitting it with greater force the second and third times?
~~ Speaking of what’s on people’s minds, the woman at the reception desk repeated the bathroom code, “135,” at least a dozen times to office visitors in the time that I was in the nearby closing room. Didn’t it ever occur to her— or anyone in authority— to make up a simple placard and post it by the desk?

~~ I went to a couple of closings this week.  As each concluded, no attorney present slapped others on the back for doing our jobs. I’m betting people in your workplace don’t high-five each other for doing what they’re paid to do.  It seems only ballplayers and GOP Republicans fist-pump and chest-bump to celebrate, and ballplayers are smart enough to only do so after a win.

~~ While usually having an attorney who knows nothing on the other side of a deal is a huge pain in the ass, this week it was a blessing. There were questions that, if asked, could not have been satisfactorily answered, but they were never asked. His clients were the losers and their bank may be the winner for the next 30 years, but my client and I got the hell out of Dodge in less than 90 minutes, so we felt like the champs (no, there was no back-slapping).

~~  I’ve committed to something momentous and very scary. I decided to cut my workload down from 80-90 hours per week to 40-50 hours per week. It’s been a race for a long time against that day when my body and mind both absolutely succumbed to the stress, so I took preemptive action to preserve what’s left of my cells along with a bit of my sanity. It will be easy to work less, but it will be terrifying to earn less after sinking so far down in the George W. Bush recessionary pit. I’d ask that you cross your fingers for me and understand why the frequency of my blogs will drop— I’ll have less stories to share!

Have a great weekend!
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